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Understanding the Pathology of INGOs

MillennialHR takes pride in its involvement in a research initiative dedicated to delving deeper into the primary factors influencing the difficulties encountered within the non-profit sector.


 Released in 2023, the study incorporates feedback from numerous senior figures within the sector, addressing a wide range of issues ranging from instances of sexual and racial abuse to tensions in boardrooms.  


Additionally, we provide recommendations for International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) to implement solutions aimed at alleviating these challenges, allowing them to refocus on their core missions.


Salil Shetty


Harvard University

A much needed wake up call highlighting the serious internal challenges currently facing most large international NGOs. The onus is on the sector to seriously reflect on what it needs to do at the individual, organisational and collective levels. It would be easy but lazy and costly to dismiss this study as not providing enough solutions. The purpose of the study is to provoke leaders into action at a time when anti-NGO sentiments are being actively stoked by authoritarian governments across the globe.


This report was authored by Oliver Hudson & Mwikali Muthiani.

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