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Programme Director – Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF)

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, and as a key member of the senior management team, the Programme Director is responsible for the overall development and management of the programme portfolio at KCDF, which is the heartbeat of the organisation. S/he provides strategic leadership and oversight of programmes guided by the approved strategic plan of the organisation. In close consultation with the CEO and other heads of departments, they ensure that KCDF is meeting its core mandate and responding in ways that demonstrate her commitment to the sustainable development of communities, hence ensure the attainment of KCDF’s vision and mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Is Secretary for the Programme Development Committee of the Board and ensures this committee is well briefed on the development, growth and management of the strategic programme portfolio issues, as well as the emerging challenges and how they are being addressed.

  • Together with other senior management staff, takes a leadership role in the regular strategic reviews of the KCDF strategic plan as well as its implementation.

  • Provides leadership and guidance on specific programme reviews that aim at capturing achievements and learning from different programmes that KCDF may be implementing, as may be desired by the organization or as agreed with different funders.

  • Be the overall strategic lead person in programme development, management, meeting organisational reporting obligations in line with agreed strategic partners.

  • Building and leading an efficient, professional and high performance programme team, ensuring continuous capacity development of needed skills.

  • Together with the programme team, provide support and guidance to grantees and other collaborating organizations in organization development, assert building and other key institution building support, in their efforts to pursue growth and sustainability of their work and institutions.

  • Develop/ build and maintain professional relationships with a diverse range of institutional, local and international funding agencies, with a view to grow programme funding, ensure growth and the continuity of effective programme funding and donor relations management.

  • Work with other foundation managers, thematic team leaders and staff to develop innovative fundraising ideas and to translate those to competitive concept notes and/or proposals as well as contribute to other activities related to fundraising for KCDFs programmes.

  • Ensure effective grant management and appropriate identification of appropriate grantees and partners at both community and national level.

  • Ensure the establishment of efficient programme monitoring and evaluation systems and the usage of generated information for knowledge building/learning, and the improvement of programmes, as well as wider sharing with other similar minded organizations in Kenya and beyond.

  • Participate in relevant local, regional and international forums and networks with a view to share best practice, and promote KCDFs approaches to sustainable development.

  • Promote collaboration/networking with relevant organizations including NGOs, CBOs, governmental bodies, donors, international development agencies and private businesses to enhance KCDF work.

  • Facilitate forums with potential donor to create awareness on KCDF’s work and build strategic alliances.

Skills, Experiences and Competencies

  • A relevant post graduate qualification in social or development studies from a recognized university

  • At least 10 years progressive experience in a multi-faceted programme development environment including exposure to grant making and grant management

  • Deep understanding of the international development landscape and the development discourse

  • Demonstrate skills and success in institutional fundraising and donor relations building and management

  • Demonstrated competence in policy, research and advocacy work

  • Ability to operate in a high performing team environment

  • Competence in coaching, developing and managing a high caliber team.

This position requires behaviour attributes that include integrity, professional discretion, creativity and ability to work collaboratively with others.


KCDF has retained the services of MillennialHR to coordinate this recruitment on its behalf. MillennialHR is a consultancy company that specializes in recruitments and other HR services.

To apply, please send a full CV together with a supporting statement, briefly highlighting your experience and skills to quoting the position Programme Director KCDF by 15th January 2015.

*Originally posted on 21st December 2014.



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